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Insurance and Payments

At Gaze Optometry we strive to promote good eye health and provide you with the clearest vision possible. We accept many forms of payment including cash, checks, Health Savings Account (HSA), Flexible Spending Account (FSA), and most credit cards. Our goal is to inform our patients ahead of their appointment about exam and treatment costs. We will provide you with an itemized super receipt once your exam is complete.

Vision Insurance

Patients need to provide Gaze Optometry staff with their vision insurance prior to their visit to ensure their benefits are available. We DO NOT accept the same insurances as Costco, as we are a separate entity. Call or text our office and not the Costco warehouse to verify which insurances are currently accepted.

New Patient Forms

New patients are encouraged to bring their current glasses or contact lenses to their exam.


If patients would like to expedite their visit, they can complete and print the forms below prior to the arrival of their appointment.

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